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Bristol Sinks, the most trusted kitchen and bathroom sink retailer in Canada. We are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction by offering quality products at an affordable price.

Bristol Sinks and Faucets is a family-owned business with warehouses and showroom located in London Ontario. We are proud to celebrate 15 years of classic design & manufacturing elegance, unmatched for our quality & innovation across North America. At Bristol Sinks, we are proud of all our products which include Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, Vanity Sinks, Stainless Steel Sinks, granite sinks, ceramic sinks, bath faucets, kitchen faucet, vessel sinks, under-mount sink, top mount sinks, stainless steel faucet, apron sink, fireclay sink, and much more.

Quality for the best value is our vision and we are continuously looking to improve and add to our current product line to provide our clients with unlimited choices. Bristol Sinks are committed to excellent customer service and we look forward to providing our clients with the latest in design products for the very best value. We appreciate your business & our service promise is to meet all of your sink and faucet needs.

Bathroom Sinks

Shop for bathroom sinks in Bristol Sinks Canada. Our bathroom sink collection combines drop-in, vessel, under-mount, top-mount and pedestal installations. Buy here sinks for any washroom reno, from small and squared sinks for petite and tight bathrooms to wide and large bath sinks for large washrooms alike.

Bristol bathroom sinks selection helps you create a bathroom you like. Whether you are just replacing your old sink or doing a complete remodel, we have an elegant solution for you.


Undermount sinks are installed below the countertop. There is no lip or rim, providing a clean, modern look. This characteristic makes for less work when cleaning. Debris can be wiped straight into the basin, providing the vanity with a clean, seamless design.


Drop-in sinks are also called topmount, and self-rimming bathroom sinks. Drop-In sinks work on virtually any countertop material. They are relatively simple to install.


Vessel sinks rest right on top of the counter. They are also referred to as “bowl sinks.” Bristol’s vessel sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all styles.


Pedestal sinks are bath pieces that are installed without the need for a vanity. It’s a clean and straightforward solution featuring a basin bowl and the pedestal in which it rests.

Kitchen Sinks

The sink is one of the most used spaces in the kitchen, used for everything from cleanup to food preparation or disposal. It’s a multitasking object, and that is why you need to consider quality when purchasing a  kitchen sink. Whether you like the sleek design of the stainless steel sinks, the modern look of granite sinks, or the timeless fireclay sinks, we at Bristol Sinks Inc. have something out there to please the pickiest home chef. As you shop for your new kitchen sink, be sure to keep in mind the following tips:

What are my mounting options for kitchen sinks?

Keep in mind that different kitchen sink designs call for various sorts of mounting and installation. Learn more about the three main mounting options available and decide which one is right for your kitchen design and needs:

Drop-In – Also referred to as top-mount, drop-in kitchen sinks are the most straightforward mounting to install, often meaning a more affordable price point.

Under-mount – This popular type of sink requires a more complex installation that can increase your reno’s overall cost. Nonetheless, under-mount kitchen sinksoffer simple cleanup and a sleek, unbroken counter look, making them worth the extra indulgence.

Farmhouse – Also referred to as apron-front kitchen sinks, a farmhouse kitchen sink is excellent for those who love a deep, wide basin and the appeal of a sink as a central point instead of concealing it behind cabinets or counters.

What’s the best kitchen sink material?

Picking a material is a choice based on style as much as it is on functionality. A kitchen sink should match the aesthetic of the entire space and live up to your use and maintenance expectations. the following are the most common materials, keep then in mind to make an informed choice:

Stainless Steel – This is an excellent material for those going for the smooth, metal look. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are resistant to high temperatures, stains and corrosion. Still, they can get watermarks, scratches and dents if you are too rough when using them.

Granite – If you are looking for a more forgiving material, shop for virtuo granite kitchen sinks. These are easy to keep clean, withstand scratches, dents and chipping, and will not discolour like other porous materials. And if that wasn’t enough, you can find them in a variety of colours to suit your overall kitchen design.

Fireclay – This is the more durable option if you’re shopping for a glossy look. Fireclay kitchen sinks are non-porous, and for that reason, less susceptible to discolouration than porcelain kitchen sinks.

What size kitchen sink should I get?

Choosing the right kitchen sink size for your project can feel overwhelming. Still, as long as you keep in mind your design layout and how you plan to use your new fixture, it’s certainly not that hard. For spaces smaller than 150 square feet, we suggest a single bowl sinks between 20″ to 24-inch, if you desire a specific look or functionality, feel free to go wild. It’s your kitchen, after all! For larger spaces, you can choose whichever width, depth and basin size you desire. Still, these descriptions of bowl configurations should help you when making your final sink decision:

Single bowl – Big containers, pots and bakeware suit best in a single bowl kitchen sink, considering there is no divider in the middle. You may favour this if you do a lot of cooking and don’t have a dishwasher to throw large items quickly into it. If you prefer having separate areas to soak, wash or prep, keep reading, as double basin sinks could be your most suitable option.

Double bowl – If you’re somebody who enjoys having assigned zones for separate tasks, a double bowl kitchen sink is a way to go. With two bowls, this sink allows for soaking and washing on one bowl and rinsing on the other. You can still use one bowl to defrost your frozen ingredients while again using the other to do your washing or prep.

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